160 ans de relations franco-japonaises

Ceci est un extrait de l’article [Japonismes 2018] mis en ligne sur le site officiel du Salon d’Automne.

Salon d’Automne has had strong bonds with Japanese artists for many years and has strengthened artists’fame. For instance, in 1924, the famous painter Foujita exhibited Youki, la déesse de la neige at Salon d’Automne and the critics praised his work to the skies. This year 2018, Salon d’Automne will show the diversity of Japanese contemporary arts again with a lot of artists, among who Yamazaki Osamu(painting), Gomumarin(textile), Uchida Shohei(engraving), Haruna Okuyama(digital art), Aria Sheep(photography),Futakami Masashi(sculpture)… But these are not only unilateral exchanges. Indeed, every Summer, same French artists have the opportunity to exhibit their works at the National Art Center in Tokyo, thanks to the relationships between Salon d’Automne and CAEA (Club des Amis de l’Europe at des Arts) for 40 years. To discover every Japanese artists who will take part in Salon d’Automne, come from Monday 25th to Sunday 28th of October at Avenue des Champs-Elysées, place Clemenceau !